• Sunset Roleplay - Community Rules & Regulations

    Last Updated on 09/29/2020, subject to change at any time.


    Section 1 - General Rules


    1. Be respectful to all members of this community, harassment of any kind is not tolerated.

                   a. Remain docile at all times, any hostile activity towards others is not tolerated.

                   b. Talking down, or belittling another is not tolerated.

                   c. Sexism, racism, nationality and sexual orientation discrimination is not tolerated.

                   d. Derogatory language or slurs is not to be used at any time no matter the situation.

    2. Sharing of your personal information is held at your discretion, at no time will we be held liable for your actions.

    3. Your username must not contain any kind of disrespectful, incoherent, inappropriate words or unicode.

                   a. This applies to the forum, in-game, TeamSpeak and Discord.

    4. Impersonation of any command member is not tolerated, no matter the situation.

    5. If you happen to discover an issue, or a bug with any of our services, please report it immediately.

                   a. Abuse of the issue/bug will result in disciplinary action.

    6. If you happen to encounter an issue with another member, please do not attempt to resolve the situation on your own.

                   a. Use the Internal Affairs form and notify a command member once completed.

    7. Plagiarism of our website, or any Sunset Roleplay documents is not permitted.

                   i. Doing so will be followed with a DMCA takedown notice, and if you fail to abide, legal action will be taken under the Copyright Act 1968.



    Section 2 - In-Game Roleplay Rules



    2. Erotic roleplay is strictly prohibited.

                   a. This includes sexual intercourse, sexual tension, rape, etc.

                   b. Sexting is allowed, however don't go overboard with it.

    3. Flying is not permitted unless you have gained your pilots license.

                   a. Contact a command member to inquire or receive your training.

    4. Bank and/or Jewelry store robberies are limited to 3 per day.

                   a. If you are interested in executing one of these scenarios, let a command member beforehand.

    5. Keep modifications on vehicles realistic.

                   a. There is not to be any unrealistic modifications applied to vehicles such as power/torque boost, race boost on horn, etc.

                   b. General modifications applied to vehicles should be applied reasonably.

    6. Use of heavy weapons/sniper rifles is prohibited.

                   a. If you'd like to gain permission for use of these weapons, contact a member of command. If you are granted access, you are not to abuse it.



    Section 3 - Privacy & Safety


    1. You are NOT to share personal information of others - this is known as Doxxing.

    2. You are not to initiate or threaten cyber attacks on our server, or any member of this community.

                   a. Cyber attacks such as Hacking, DDoS and/or DoS attacks are federal crime, and will be reported to authorities.

    3. Posting anything containing IP grabbers, trojans, malware, adware etc. is strictly prohibited.

    4. Illegal Content such as Child Pornography, solicitation of minors, terrorism, threats of school shootings or criminal activity is NOT taken lightly.


    Breach of any of the above rules is not taken lightly, and a permanent ban will be issued, actions committed in rules 2 and 4 are federal crimes and will be reported to authorities for investigation.


    Section 4 - TeamSpeak


    1. Members that are playing on the server must be present in the TeamSpeak.

    2. Push to Talk (PTT) is required while present inside the Radio Traffic Only (RTO) channels.

    3. Intentional Spam or unnecessary obnoxious is not tolerated.